Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Thanks! and another Bird Puppet!

Thanks to the owners of The Pioneer Balloon Company,
Ted and Betty Vlamis.
Because of their continued kindness and devotion to our Balloon Community.
Their Support and True LOVE for this industry is another reason I am Thankful!
It amazes me each year how they can keep bringing NEW PRODUCTS to us!
Thanks to my Balloon Friends all over the World for sharing, creating and forming a strong network of Artists that I am proud to be a part of!
I came across this Photo I had taken at DiamondJam 2008, (the last one in Arizona).
Here I am with another Puppet Birdlike creature on my arm, standing with the owners of
The Pioneer Balloon Company, Ted and Betty Vlamis (huge supporters of Balloon Artists, and really nice folks) and JoAnn Gray, modeling a Niko Fric dress & Hat.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009
to You and Yours!

Sheree and her Balloon Turkey Puppet "Tom" wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I was very busy this last month and still getting used to my NEW computer!
I have lots of photos to upload, and exciting NEWS!!!
Balloon Twisters, Artists, Benders ! or near the Orlando, Florida area!
Just mark off this week-end for now.
January 8th,9th,10th, 2010.
more info to follow as available.