Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tis' the Season!

Held inside all winter this Fig Tree has taken root and is starting to grow new leaves.

See the seeds? I placed them inside the potato holder on a damp napkin?
©2009iPhone Photos by Sheree Brown-Rosner
Recycled it! 
First it was a Baked Potato holder from Wendy's
Now a Seed Starter, with a cover & home to my Pepper plants!
This year like clock-work, I selected two special plants to be my Garden challenge. 
 First is a Fig tree twig I was given that I potted, as you can see it survived the Winter in my basement and has just been moved outside to get sunshine and rain to help it grow.
Second, a pack of Pepper seeds I am starting indoors and then will plant outside once sprouted! 
I will post updates of them as they continue the growing process.
Let's see how they do, if you have any tips or hints to share please leave them in the comment section for All to enjoy and learn from. 
Wishing you a Happy Growing Season 2009! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Showers bring May Flowers!

©2009iPhone Photo by Sheree Brown-Rosner
These Paper Flowers were used as decoration for the Birthday Party celebration I was assigned  to photograph at a Senior Center the other day.  Music was being played, folks were singing and dancing, enjoying each others company. The Birthday girl was 100 years young and with friends and family around her the entire room sang Happy Birthday. She visited with friends and was sharp as a tack!  After my work was done I noticed the hand-made flowers on the table, I reached for my iPhone camera and captured this image. The ladies at the table were amazed by my iPhone, asking all kinds of questions they then got the full tour... first I started with iMilk and then served them some popcorn via iMunchies (2 of my favorite apps). We talked about their grandkids computer skills and I answered some tech questions for them. I showed a few more apps, some photos, and a trip to the internet!  Here are the links for the Apps I mentioned here.  iMunchies 2.0  and iMilk 2.0

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My iPhone Stand of choice is? Home-made of course!

©2009iPhone Photo by Sheree Brown-Rosner
It Really does the Job!
I like the Pencil Stand the best but included links to the Paper Clip stand and the $100. Bill Stand. You can try them and let me know which you like best.
Pencil iPhone Stand | Geeky Gadgets also lets you link to a bulldog clip stand! 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Giant Whoopee Cushion Eats Man! 4-5-09

©2009iPhone Photos by Sheree Brown-Rosner
Believe it or NOT???
Buster Balloon out did himself at his 4 hour Master Class. He showed us and taught us and shared his stories with us... there were lots of questions and answers that were worth their weight in GOLD! I have taken his classes for over 6 years now some more then once and I even walked away with at least 5 NEW things to shape and mold to fit my entertainment style! Oh, oh, oh I have been getting calls all day from friends that were at the convention they just couldn't stop raving about how they thought Buster was the Highlight of the Evening Show for them!!! These photos were from the Master Class after the Magic Convention ended and boy am I glad I didn't miss it!
Thank You Don for letting us Enjoy YOU!
to see more or to contact Buster Balloon click  below

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Long Island LOVES Buster Balloon!

©2009iPhone Photo by Sheree Brown-Rosner
A GREAT TIME was had by ALL! 
It is to late for a full report but... the convention was a SUCCESS!!!
As you can see Don signed my box of Cereal and struck a special pose, 
for YOU, my Blog readers!
But wait there's more... to post about the Magic Convention only that will have to wait till tomorrow, I have a Sunday lecture to attend with Don Caldwell so I am going to get some sleep.