Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tis' the Season!

Held inside all winter this Fig Tree has taken root and is starting to grow new leaves.

See the seeds? I placed them inside the potato holder on a damp napkin?
©2009iPhone Photos by Sheree Brown-Rosner
Recycled it! 
First it was a Baked Potato holder from Wendy's
Now a Seed Starter, with a cover & home to my Pepper plants!
This year like clock-work, I selected two special plants to be my Garden challenge. 
 First is a Fig tree twig I was given that I potted, as you can see it survived the Winter in my basement and has just been moved outside to get sunshine and rain to help it grow.
Second, a pack of Pepper seeds I am starting indoors and then will plant outside once sprouted! 
I will post updates of them as they continue the growing process.
Let's see how they do, if you have any tips or hints to share please leave them in the comment section for All to enjoy and learn from. 
Wishing you a Happy Growing Season 2009! 

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