Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Showers bring May Flowers?

Willie Monroe today in New York City... 
Brought us Balloon Flowers!!!


He showered us with his vast knowledge of "Balloon+Magic Creativity"
Tips for putting together a good Stage Show and more...
He gave us as much as he could in the 3+ hours he lectured for. 
Here are some iPhone Photos to give you a glimpse  into our day.

Willie gives a silly smile, I told him it would be for this Blog!
Below you can see the store entrance, there were so many people we had to move it to the store space.

Todd introduced Willie to the crowd.

There were over 30 people there.
Willie started off with a short history of his Entertainment Styles. Then lectured with some examples using video, photos and live performance. He spoke about a book he wrote with a friend and shared some of the most creative ideas from within!!! Here is a photo of the cover.
WOW!!! Willie shared so much with all of us, the microphone trick was priceless!
Thank you Willie ; )
Willie wrote this book with a friend.

When using a silent style
Music with no talking!
and still getting the point across

Or a strange Style... Balloon thru tongue ???

 WILLIE and Magic from Fantasma !!!

Me and Willie in the magic shop Fantasma.
Check back I will be posting more photos tomorrow!

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