Sunday, April 19, 2009


Birthday Wishes for Nancy!
Here is how I wrapped my present for Balloons! What a Great idea! 
Can you see the card that is stuffed inside the clear balloons?

SMILES from Nancy on her Birthday!

©2009iPhone photoByShereeBrown-Rosner
"Birthday Queen" Our Nancy, is shown here holding her Balloon Cake. There were 3 Cheerleaders on it waving their Pom-Poms as they cheered for their Captain who was sitting with Flowers and her Pom-Poms beside her. 

©2009 not an iPhone photo by Sheree Brown-Rosner
Girls... now cut out all the fooling around! They did have FUN with the Balloons.
Girls just want to have FUN!!! 
They had FUN at Nana's Party!

Here is the Woven Cake I made for Nancy. Check out those Pom-Poms!!!

Sweet... Nancy gave away Diamonds and Motorcycles to All her guests 
and used them as table decorations which jazzed up the room!
During the day there were speeches and songs, by family and friends, Vicki, Roz, Harriet, and Elaine sang a song to Our Nancy!

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