Monday, September 7, 2009

Hope You Had a Lovely Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Here are some NYC photo moments I wanted to share with you...
Anything to do with NYC and the Statue of Liberty, plus flags, shirts, hats... for SALE everywhere within 10 blocks of Battery Park!
We also went by Ground Zero.
Can you see the windmill behind the Taxi?
Holland was by the old Customs House! (the foot of Broadway)


Now get this one... You stand with the Statue with a flag and a pose, you have the photo taken on your OWN camera and still pay the guy $5.00! There are 5 of them in a row right by the line to get on the boat to see the Statue!
I grabbed a shot for this blog and then rushed away, the guy wanted me to pay and I didn't even know the people!
What kind of racket is this???

By the dock where people boarded the Ferry to The Statue of Liberty.

NOW! This is ART! Some guy takes an idea to another level! This Artist takes a set of cloths and paints them with some silver paint, Climbs on top of a metal tubular object, plays music and strikes some Poses like a Statue. He also takes tips! He also lets people take Free photos with him... I just took a photo of him alone and He Got a Tip from ME!

He set up right by the Bull! Location, location, location!!!

So the thing is to touch the Bull for GOOD LUCK!
It was photographed from all sides and every angle!

Yes from the BACK side also!!! Maybe even BETTER LUCK to
touch his... well you get the picture right?

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